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 Name: Hyde
 Birthday: January 29,1969
 Birthplace: Wakayama, Osaka
 Height: 159cm - 163cm
 Favorite Instrument: Guitar
 Hobbies: Collecting Blue Glass products,
 sketching, Reading scary novels,
 writing poems.
 Favorite Food: Curry Rice
 Favorite Subject: Art
 Star Sign: Aquarius
Did you know that
Hyde's colorblind?

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Kagen no Tsuki/ Last Quarter
Hyde's movie is the most amaising movie i have ever seen... I just finished watching it and I believe it is now my favorite movies.
       Every 19 years, during "Kagen no Tsuki", or Last Quarter of the Moon, a miracle is set to happen and a romance is set to brew. Muzuki (Kuriyama) breaks up with her boyfriend Tomoki on her 19th birthday. Muzuki, feeling lonely and having nowhere to go, suddenly hears a familiar guitar melody. She followed the sound to an old house, where she meets Adam. They fall in love and vowed to meet a week later. However, on a night of the last quarter of the moon, Muzuki was run over by a car. She awakes to find herself in the old house, but she cannot leave it. She is still alive, lying in a coma, but existing as a ghost in the house...



 ~Yes... Hyde was married to Megumi Oishi, on december 25th, 2000.
~Has a movie with Gackt called "Moon Child"